Wood Safe

Wood Safe is ideal for all your raw wood applications whether inside or out. Tested at Underwriter’s Laboratories Wood Safe has a Flame Spread of 35 and a Smoke Developed index of 95 when applied at a total coverage rate of 110 square feet per gallon.

Treated wood may be painted, varnished or left natural to suit your individual tastes and decor.

Application and clean-up are a breeze with this water-based polymer. You can spray, brush, roll or dip then simply wash up with water. Spraying may be accomplished with any type of sprayer even a trigger or pump-up sprayer will work and any over spray is easily wiped up.

Wood Safe is Non-Toxic to use and provides some resistance to moulds, fungus’, bacteria and insects. Other uses may include straw, thatch, corrugated board and other porous natural fibres.

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of natural wood without compromising safety!

Non - Toxic Simple to apply Interior or Exterior May be over coated Insoluble when dry Flame Spread of 35 Class ‘B’

Tested at Underwriter’s Laboratory Resistant to termites, Insects, fungus’ and moulds Permanent Protection Water clean - up Non - Flammable Odourless.