PyroLogistix Aluminium Sheet Test Procedure

Test Panel: 14"x14"x1/8" aluminium sheet
Thermal Couples: Thermal Couples (TC) 2, 3 and 4 firmly fixed to cool side of aluminum panel in centered 6" circle to measure temperature of panel. TC 6 suspended on heat side of panel, tight to panel, directly in front of heat source to measure heat applied to surface of panel.
Heat Source: 250,000 BTU propane flame applied directly to surface of panel.
Treated Panel: One coat of red oxide primer followed by three spray coats of FBI paint, approximate coating thickness of 21mil.
Results: Untreated (bare) panel was completely destroyed in under 18 minutes with gradual temperature increase as noted in graph.

Treated panel had heat applied as noted in graph under identical setup as untreated panel. Test was conducted for 2 hrs and 15 minutes at which point it was discontinued. The panel temperature never reached 400 ° F as noted in graph.