Shingle Safe

Shingle Safe fire retardant penetrant is specifically designed to protect exterior cedar shakes and shingles from fire. When applied at a total coverage rate of 120 square feet per gallon (usually in two to three passes) Shingle Safe will provide Class ‘C’ Flame Spread as required for roof coverings. Shingle Safe meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM E108 fire test series of roof coverings including accelerated weathering conditions equivalent to 200 inches of rainfall or 5 years.

To minimize risk the attic and underside of the roof should also be treated to avoid the fire-ball effect that can develope.
  • Non - Toxic
  • Simple to apply
  • Interior or Exterior
  • May be over coated
  • Insoluble when dry
  • Class ‘C’ Flame Spread
  • Passed ASTM E108 test series for roof coverings
  • Passed Accelerated Weathering 5 years or 200 inches of rainfall
  • Resistant to termites, Insects, fungus’ and moulds
  • Water clean - up
  • Non - Flammable
  • Odourless