Non-Burning Acrylic Paint

Description For use on non-combustible surfaces. Single part acrylic latex, may be tinted. Also for use over Fire Barrier Intumescent paint to provide decorative colour finish and added protection.
  • Durable colour finish
  • Added thermal protection
  • Latex composition
  • Water clean up
  • Economically priced
  • Fast curing
  • May be sprayed, brushed or rolled
  • Available in all 'light tint base' colours
  • Dust free surface
  • Flat or Semi-Gloss
  • Interior or exterior applications
Technical Data
Colour White (may be tinted)
Specific Gravity 1.28
pH Range 8.0-8.5
Weight/Gal 12.8 lbs
Hazardous Ingredients N/A
WHMIS Class Not Controlled
Volume Solids 44%
Weight Solids 56%
Flammability Not Flammable