PYROLOGISTIX , the finest intumescent paint on the market.

When properly applied, our line of products CAN and WILL prevent a fire from ever getting started.

As a leader in Canadian Fire Retardant Technology we offer a full line of safe and effective liquid fire retardants for many applications and Class 'A' intumescent coatings in clear and pigmented formulations. Our intumescent coatings provide thermal protection as well as flame resistance and may be used to protect substrates such as; Structural Steel and Polyurethane foam insulation. Intumescent paint on wood has the flameproofing power of a brick wall!

Come inside and read about The Science of fire. Learn how you can make your home or business safer. If you have received a 'Compliance Order' from your Fire Inspector or Fire Safety Officer you are at the right place. Manufacturers make PyroLogistix™ technology a value added component of your products.

Call it fireproofing, flame retardant, fire stopping, fire resistant or non-combustible but if it doesn't say PyroLogistix™ on the label you should be calling us.