How It Works

PyroLogistix offers the finest line of fire retardant and fire barrier products on the market today. PyroLogistix products are safe, incredibly effective and environmentally friendly.

Fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition are the three components necessary for fire. PyroLogistix products produce outstanding results by eliminating TWO of these three components.

PyroLogistix products automatically react with fire or heat to convert combustible gases and tars to non-combustible carbon char, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction causes the formation of a cleverly reinforced, dense "foam" layer or carbon char. This "foam" layer then acts as an insulating barrier separating the substrate from the flames. The nitrogen and carbon dioxide by-products from this reaction displace available oxygen right at the fuel source thereby further suppressing the fire. Incredible thermal protection is accomplished by building several stages into the reaction so that as temperature levels increase more protection is automatically provided. Simultaneously water vapour is created and released so that it actually cools the substrate. These factors combine to extend the level and duration of protection. Don't be fooled by competitor's extremely high intumescent char heights, they look good in a demonstration but are as fragile as a crystal goblet. The char has to be dense and strong to remain intact in the turbulence of a real fire.