Clear Product Characteristics*

COLOURLESS: Will not stain or discolour wood. Retains original colour and quantities to allow flexibility of natural decorative finish.

ODOURLESS: Allows use indoors. Does not require extensive ventilation. Suitable for application in existing, occupied areas as opposed to pre-treating.

SAFE: Can be used in inhabited and food preparation areas. No restriction on use around people, plants or animals.

WATER BORNE CHEMICALS: Leaves no oil or petroleum based residue. Not dependent on petroleum products with a volatile supply and price. Is also compatible with variety of materials and surfaces.

CONTAINS NO ASBESTOS OR HALOGENS: Eliminates dependency on potentially banned products. Provides safety for installers and users.

REQUIRES NO SPECIAL CUTTING TOOLS: Treated wood can be sawed, shaped and planed without special carbide tipped blades. There is less expense involved in milling operations due to longer life of cutting blades. Field cutting is easier and less expensive.

ADDS NO APPRECIABLE WEIGHT TO WOOD: Wood is not crystallized, made inflexible or weakened. Treated wood retains all strength and characteristics. No special allowances for weight, strength or support need be made.

WILL NOT SUPPORT FUNGI GROWTH: Inherently resistant to most forms of micro organisms.

*This page does not refer to Intumescent Paint or paint products.